Wolverhampton Wanderers

This project was undertaken at Azzuu. All designs are owned by Azzuu and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

For the new 2019/20 season of football, Wolves wanted a total overhaul of the visual approach to their fan-facing digital channels to engage more with their fans. With a strong rebrand done the year before with their move back to the Premier League, another step forward was wanted in the online identity to build a strong and recognisable look, different to any other club.
Using the strong brand colours, custom font and sharp edged shapes, a bold fashion pop-art inspired visual was developed.
Research & Direction
Elements from research into trending design, sports and fashion were paired with the sharpness of the Wolves team badge, stylised photography and a bold abstract pop-art style to create a bold and dynamic, contemporary feel. This was taken across Editorial, Match Day, Statistics and Video content, across multiple sizes for digital channels including Website News, Twitter and Instagram Stories.
Creating a Dynamic Suite
For Match Day a full suite of designs were created in a number of versions. This gave the Wolves team a variety of templates to use for each event that happens throughout a game; meaning their feed continuously looked consistent but was changed up every match day with different variations. Animations were also developed to keep the feed exciting, using a modern stop-motion style to build up the designs and give the feel of continuous movement.
Going Multi-language
With a growing fanbase, especially in Portugal, Spain and South America, multi-language versions of the designs were done to allow the club to reach all of these fans.
Completed at Azzuu.

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