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The National Gallery has almost 200 years of heritage and over 2,300 artworks in its collection, dating back to the mid 13th Century. This was a self-initiated concept to redesign the entire visual approach of the brand and bring it up to date across printed materials and digital works, while keeping true to its heritage, history & art.
The aim of this concept was to create a classic, but contemporary design style which felt in-line with current design style but was reflective of the artwork & heritage.
New Brand Direction
With such a rich history and vast amount of visual and contextual assets to work with, a new approach was conceptualised to bring the brand into a more contemporary space, while still reflecting the diversity and age of the artworks. A modern serif was chosen as the primary typeface, supported by bold use of colours and a simple layout to ensure the artworks always remained the focus point. Printed materials from leaflets through to tickets and exhibition booklets were redesigned to reflect this.
Reimagining the Website
The primary reason for doing this concept project was to create a website which brought the gallery's digital look more in-line with the styling and technical possibilities now available on web. This included moving to a full bleed and fully responsive look, using block colours and mixing typography with clean space and large imagery throughout to create an engaging experience. A look into the general architecture was also done, ensuring all areas were easy to find, understand and made sense in hierarchy. This included pulling out key points of interest for users, such as Exhibitions, Artist bio's and smaller features such as a curated 'Featured Artwork of the Month'.
*This is purely a concept project. I do not own any imagery or contents.

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