Senior UI Designer: October 2022 - Present
I am currently a Senior UI Designer in the Content Products Team at Sky. I focus primarily on the streaming platform NOW, working on it holistically across all web, app and tv platforms to continuously enhance and update the design and experience. Alongside this I am working to refine the internal design process of the team as a whole and how to improve working with developers and product teams.
Senior UI Designer: Feb 2022 - Oct 2022
UI Designer: Feb 2020 - Jan 2022
Ostmodern is a London-based agency which specialises in creating and building bespoke video streaming platforms and digital products for large household-named brands, such as Channel 4, F1, Arsenal and Ford.

During my time at Ostmodern I was part of the product design team. I worked on digital products and conceptual projects for a variety of brands, all of which was done in Agile. These were a mix of short and long-term projects, working closely with the brands and their teams to create products which are custom to their business and customer needs; as well as expand, improve or create their visual identity to work in the digital environment. These were all generally from concept and workshops through to user testing and production, including Design System creation and technical specification handovers.

Most notably, I spent 14 months working with the Royal Opera House on a number of projects in succession to move towards the creation of their own streaming platform and completely redesign their digital look with a new Design System. This involved many different processes and projects, from user testing at a concept phase through to designing delivery-ready designs across web and TV. I led the UI design work on creating their streaming brand and worked closely with their in-house design team, moving their digital look to be in-line with their new brand direction. This concluded in a six month project to create their new Design System from scratch, where I worked in Agile with a team of product and developers.

I also worked on projects with Arsenal, National Theatre, Freeview TV (Digital UK), Marquee TV, Acamar Films and Criterion; each with a wide array of brand challenges, requirements and timescales.
Product Designer / Creative Designer: June 2017 - Feb 2020
Azzuu is an online platform designed to deliver dynamic content for top sports teams and federations across all digital channels, using an innovative Editor and allowing the integration of any data feed for immediate and automatic template population.

I was a part of the company from the very start, taking the role of the sole product designer, meaning I worked very closely with the founders to shape the product offering and experience, as well as creating the design system from scratch. Over a number of months, the platform was mapped out with wireframes, working out key features and creating a time-line for feature release. Over the two and a half years working there, I worked closely with development to continuously update the platform, add new features, experiences and constantly evolve the visual look.

There are two sides to this platform; client-facing and internal. The client-facing platform included an advanced editor, planner, live match day centre with data integration, analytic and a team setup. The internal platform was focussed on the creator, where the designs are built with a wide range of features to allow for complex editing in the client editor. A major part of designing for this platform was working on how to join the two sides up in a way which kept it simple for all users, internal and clients.

I was also very involved in producing the creative work for clients who used the platform including connecting new visual approaches and creating large and robust design packs for clients such as Wolverhampton Wanderers, BBC Sport, Guinness Six Nations, Glasgow Warriors and England Rugby.
Agency Forty
Graphic Designer / Digital Designer: June 2015 - Feb 2020
Agency Forty is a boutique Leeds-based digital agency which specialises in full service projects for high-end and luxury interior and lifestyle brands.

I joined very shortly after the agency was established. Due to the size of the agency, I was the only designer on an individual project and worked very closely with the leadership team and development team. This meant I was able to work through projects from concept and strategy to production and delivery.

The majority of the work was brand and digital, with a focus on in-depth research, but most also included a lot of other aspects. This included full branding or rebranding, strategy, customer research, art direction, editorial, ad campaigns across both print and digital. Projects ranged from bespoke-built brochure websites through to large-scale e-commerce websites and digital products.

A stand out project I worked on was James Hare. The brief was to redesign their e-commerce website as it was more than 10 years old and very outdated. This led to a year long project with full immersion into the Luxury Interiors industry. The site was started from scratch, so as well as a new design, a new UX was developed to better suit users, including new features and a new approach to editorial. Alongside this, their 1500+ products were reformatted to allow for easier searching, and a handful of new bespoke features were added to increase engagement and allow James Hare to interact with their users in a much more fulfilling way.
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