Clarity Arts

Clarity Arts is a well established interiors and hand-made furniture brand based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. To begin a transformative time for the company, they required a new brand identity to bring the company up to date and match the quality and style of their products. With a focus on craft and precision, just like the products produced by Clarity Arts, the branding reflecting a mix of traditional and modern was designed, fitting together seamlessly and working in a simple, elegant way.
The identity had to be clean and minimal with a hint of character with crafted touches to ensure it felt premium and crafted.
Crafted Elegance
To marry together contrasting modern and traditional, the logo design used the two words as a visual representation in a way which made them feel like one. Variations of the logo were developed to allow for flexibility and use across different material, whether it was on stationery, web or on crafted pieces of furniture. An understated colour scheme was created with carefully sourced paper stock for all printed materials to ensure consistency could be kept for a long time. A range of printed materials was designed for stationery and activity purposes.
Completed at Agency Forty.

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