The Super League

This project was undertaken at Azzuu. All designs are owned by Azzuu and Betfred Super League.

In late 2019, the Super League rebranded to create a consistent visual output for itself & all 12 clubs for the 19/20 season. With the rebrand recently executed by Studio Nomad, the SL wanted to build on this with a large suite of templates to be used across digital and social channels for all activities throughout the season. The project was split into two areas: The SL core brand and the 12 teams, with templates custom designed for each to give a huge amount of variety through the 19/20 season.
The dynamic approach to the new brand allowed for a variety of design executions, all of which had an individual feel to always keep output fresh
Concept & Direction
With the new brand, styling, photography and typography animation recently set and approved, the task was to create a large suite which showed all elements of the brand in dynamic and modern ways, while keeping a consistent look and feel to the entire production. Designs were split down into sections to cover all output of the Super League throughout the year: Fixtures, Pre-Game, In-Game, Player/Team Features, Editorial, Statistics, Image and Video. Each of these sections have static, animated and video content for greater engagement.
Game Day
A series of templates were created purely for match related content, from fixture tables right through to key in-game moments. These were all bespoke designs & worked across all social channel optimum sizes. There was also variety in static, animated & video content to always keep things dynamic.
Team Variations
Taking the original Super League brand and design, the teams each had their own colours applied to their own new graphics to give an individual twist, while keeping the look in-line with the Super League brand. The collection each team received was the same, spanning across Editorial, Game Day, Statistics and Video content.
Completed at Azzuu.
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