ROH Stream TV App

Adding to the Royal Opera House's digital offering with a new streaming service & redesigning the visual approach
In late 2020, the ROH wanted to pursue the target of having their own bespoke streaming service built into their existing site. Having used the Vimeo OTT platform for the majority of the year, they decided it was the time to invest in this idea and allow many more features, such as curating and building their own catalog, running their own subscription offering and streamline it to become an integral part of the overall business.
Initial Design Concept
As part of the work to move to their own on-site streaming platform, there were concerns that their current design language was outdated and needed to be updated in tandem so that when the service launched, it felt very polished. To kick everything off, a design concept project was devised to address some of the key issues with the current design style and present back to internal teams. The focus was purely on a new homepage, moving to a fully responsive design and redesigning the way the page can be built up by the CMS. New modules were also designed to allow for a wider variety of promotional options for site areas. Typography, colour use, image proportions and iconography were also re-evaluated and improved.
Streaming service conceptualisation / user testing
Design system
TV App
Completed at Ostmodern.
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