Extreme Lounging

Extreme Lounging is a Yorkshire based soft furnishings company which makes the popular B-Bag product. For the start of the new year they wanted a new e-commerce website to sell their products direct to customers in a simple way. With one core product and a few supporting products, the aim was to create an experience and website design which could be scalable as the existing product styles grow and new product ranges are added.
The main aim of this project was to achieve easy scalability in the overall experience, while ensuring it worked for a small or large catalog of products.
Defining the Right Experience for Users
As the website was going to be built from scratch, there was the opportunity to consider the user types and what their core needs would be for this site to be useful to them. One core journey was defined, of a user visiting the site to purchase a product, but within this, there were smaller journeys which needed to be fleshed out to make sure the site offered a simple experience and as much information as possible for these to be completed.
Creating a Website Architecture
We were able to define the architecture based on the products, the user needs around these, and competitor analysis and industry research. From this, the key experiences we wanted to implement was the ability to easily move around the products from one to another, explore one product's available variations in a single space, and allow a user to purchase or find a stockist quickly.
Wireframing Pages
Once the site architecture and core user journeys had been worked through, each page was taken and iterations of wireframes were done to build up a picture of what was needed at each point of the users journeys. These resulted in some basic wireframes which showed the general hierarchy and placement of elements within these pages, as well as some of these sections fleshed out to show the functionality required to hit all of the different requirements in a scalable way. An experience model of 'snap to screen' was defined to create an immersive experience and set some guidelines around how the UI should be designed.
Moving the UX to UI
Following the wireframes of each page being developed for desktop, tablet and mobile, these were handed across to another designer to design up with the brand and UI developed.
Completed at Agency Forty.
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